Lunching of our cattle RFID & tracking solution

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Zycom Surveillance (Nig) Ltd hereby introduces the digital identification system utilizing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to identify cattle and restored full control of livestock back to the owners. The RFID technology enhances theft protection by giving each cattle a unique, encrypted identification. It is safe, secure, environmentally friendly, and tamperproof with the ability to track the cattle anywhere in the country and globally.

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The cattle swallow a Rumen Bolus which contains a RFID Microchip coated by a very hard ceramic. The bolus has neither moving parts nor a battery, and it is inert, safe and does not react with stomach acids and enzymes. The bolus system is also a complete departure from the traditional ear tagging that has no deterrent to cattle thieves.

Integrating the Rumen Bolus system with satellite tracking technology using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information System (GIS), completely resolves cattle rustling menace because, the cattle would be individually digitally identified, and traced to ascertain where it is at any giving point in time. This process has greatly eliminated commercialization of cattle rustling, and killing of Ranchers wherever implemented globally.

Call us today and let Zycom Surveillance (Nig) Ltd experts discuss theintroduction of our cattle digital RFIDdesigned to recover thousands of stolen cattle, and return them to their rightful owners, resolve cattle ownership disputes, as well as drastically reduce or eliminate unnecessary killing of Ranchers.

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Zycom Surveillance (Nig) Ltd cattle digital RFID & GIS tracker is designed to recover thousands of stolen cattle, resolve cattle ownership disputes, as well as drastically reduce or eliminate unnecessary killing of Ranchers.

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