Product Demos

License Plate Recognition

Reads and records in real-time car license plate numbers, and archive the server video for positive number match and identification.

Smoke Detection

Detects smoke, outlines its location in the server video, and triggers alarm at command center.

Missing Object Detection

Sends notification when existing object is missing from the camera view in a designated area for a period of time.

Zone/Occupancy Counter

Estimates number of people occupying the camera FOV. The system will alarm the command center when a crowd is detected.

Left Object Detection

Sends warning when unattended object or item (e.g. luggage) is left in a scene or an area for a period of time.

People Counter

Calculates the amount of objects and or people passing a predefined line or area

Secure Zone Detection

Alarms when intrusion occurs in one or more predefined areas and or forbidden zones.

Virtual Fence Detection

Alarms when it detects intrusion of suspicious people and or activity in a predefined area or a forbidden zone

Face Detection

Would record, store and log human face in the server for positive intruder identity. The system will alarm when matching human face is detected in the forbidden area.

Loitering Detection

Loitering Detection analyzes moving objects in real-time video and triggers alarm when unattended objects/suspicious people are loitering on the scene for a period of time as well as to draw their moving trace.

Video Analysing

If you think that DVR-based digital security systems means sitting down and looking for hours upon hours for a few minutes of evidence, think again!

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Constant Monitoring

The Zycom Surveillance (Nig) Ltd Centralized Monitoring Station (CMS) is designed to enable any facility utilize various cameras for viewing, recording, and reporting activities happening in REAL TIME.

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Zycom Vision POS

ZYcomDVR-POS is a loss prevention DVR system to enable retailers to effectively reduce loss through better detection of theft, fraud and errors in transactions.

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Access Control

Zycom Surveillance (Nig) Ltd offers access control systems for any facility size. Imagine being able to enter your facility without hunting for keys or having to pass out keys that may be lost or duplicated.

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The Ring™ Video Doorbell enables you to answer your door bell and see all activities in front of, and around your property day and night, using smart phones from anywhere globally.

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HD 30X PTZ Demo

Our HD 30X PTZ IP Speed Dome sets a new standard in high performance IP with outstanding HD clarity at long range distances.

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Zycom Surveillance (Nig) Ltd cattle digital RFID & GIS tracker is designed to recover thousands of stolen cattle, resolve cattle ownership disputes, as well as drastically reduce or eliminate unnecessary killing of Ranchers.

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