Zycom Surveillance (Nig) Ltd provides custom digital video surveillance systems that provide a comprehensive range of integrated management solutions for private, public, government, corporate, etc., monitoring and security needs. Each system features advanced pro-active analytics internet based digital video system, CCTV and ACCESS control.

The Zycom PC-based products make it possible to remotely manage access, store and secure surveillance videos. Our system integrates with any existing system for advanced solutions, greater flexibility and scalability, as well as improved functions compared to traditional systems.

Advantages of the Zycom PC-based system:

  • Elimination of false alarm that results to waste of revenue
  • Ability to monitor up to 256 video cameras at 16 remote locations simultaneously
  • Utilizes unique technology to proactively monitor and respond to any activity in REAL TIME globally from central command center located in Dallas Texas USA.
  • Built-in Wide Dynamic Vision Pack provides powerful features on video quality enhancement, sharpness adjustment, noise reduction and false alarm prevention.
  • Unique size filtering allows operators to define the size of search target to increase accuracy.
  • Ability to program each camera with specific instructions like you would give a highly trained and expensive security guard.

Video Analysing

If you think that DVR-based digital security systems means sitting down and looking for hours upon hours for a few minutes of evidence, think again!

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Constant Monitoring

The Zycom Surveillance (Nig) Ltd Centralized Monitoring Station (CMS) is designed to enable any facility utilize various cameras for viewing, recording, and reporting activities happening in REAL TIME.

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Zycom Vision POS

ZYcomDVR-POS is a loss prevention DVR system to enable retailers to effectively reduce loss through better detection of theft, fraud and errors in transactions.

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Access Control

Zycom Surveillance (Nig) Ltd offers access control systems for any facility size. Imagine being able to enter your facility without hunting for keys or having to pass out keys that may be lost or duplicated.

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The Ring™ Video Doorbell enables you to answer your door bell and see all activities in front of, and around your property day and night, using smart phones from anywhere globally.

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HD 30X PTZ Demo

Our HD 30X PTZ IP Speed Dome sets a new standard in high performance IP with outstanding HD clarity at long range distances.

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Zycom Surveillance (Nig) Ltd cattle digital RFID & GIS tracker is designed to recover thousands of stolen cattle, resolve cattle ownership disputes, as well as drastically reduce or eliminate unnecessary killing of Ranchers.

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